Sourcing wholesale goods from China with the Finefinders Team

G’day there, mate! Welcome to our brief and simple how-to guide on finding your wholesale product in China and getting it delivered to your doorstep with Finefinders. We’ll cover all the basics from filling out a request form to evaluating samples, so kick back and keep reading for some serious supplier kung fu!


Turning ideas into goals

James has an awesome idea to open a gadget shop, but here is a hard one for you - where is he going to get the supplies from? Poor mate James tried turning to Aliexpress but the seller magically disappeared the very second he requested photos and videos of the product. James thought Alibaba would be a luckier try but it was quickly apparent that the platform is inhabited by resellers and not manufacturers, so enjoy the disproportionate markups. He tried googling factories and manufacturers in China but these guys aren’t huge on international representation: you can barely order a sample, leave alone complete a whole order without speaking the language. Thought of trying other countries, but that’s even more of an unexplored land with even more risks and uncertainty. James is starting to realise he needs a reliable partner working in China.

Finding a reliable agent

The great online is filled with agents of every kind. James heard stories here and there that agent work is for dodgy individuals looking for easy money: no guarantees, no protection and the deal is all in words. He is scared to be scammed because he doesn’t know what to expect of an agent or how to check their legitimacy. James wants everything to be clear and straightforward, so he is looking for a service with a transparent and integrity-driven business model.

Submitting a search request form

James books a free consultation with the Finefinders team. It takes him two seconds to fill out the booking form, and one of our friendly managers contacts him within a few days for a heartfelt discussion on pricing, lead times and search request form completion.

Пример Поискового Запроса

Product search and detailed reporting

That’s where the adventure truly begins! The Finefinders team conducts an in-depth analysis of all suitable suppliers on the market and prepares a detailed report on all the findings. The market search is free, which makes James very happy because normally just such a search leaves him with a hefty bill of $100+.

Пример Поискового Запроса

Ordering and evaluating samples

After the product is chosen, the Finefinders team orders the first sample to ensure its quality meets and exceeds all expectations. James wants to save time sending samples back and forth so the Finefinders hawk-eyed managers examine the samples meticulously, test all its functions and send James a detailed photo and video report with relevant comments and recommendations. He now has the final word to approve the product, its design and supplier before placing the order.

Order placement and quality control

Our local team member - a fluent or native speaker - takes on all the negotiations and personally visits the manufacturing facility. Now, after James has given his final approval on the design and sample, the factory will start manufacturing the order under careful management and detailed quality control of our experienced team member.



Your consignment is ready! We conducted elaborate quality control and made James aware of the update to his order. James doesn’t have much time to find a reliable transportation company while he is setting up his store and getting ready for the grand opening, so we find the optimal delivery option that meets his particular needs and preferences. James is ecstatic: it’s efficient, convenient and allows him to focus on the core operations.A Firefinder manager organises shipment insurance and prepares all the necessary documentation. James was getting nervous about keeping up with the whereabouts of his valuable goods, so we showed him our simple tracking service readily available on the website. James is relieved and happy, the other companies don’t provide such visibility and leave you guessing!